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A Note from a Dr. Aronovitz Patient

As I was nearing 35 years old, I started to notice the front of my hair thinning, but one day, I decided to do something about it.

I’ve always cut my hair on a number 6 clipper and short on the sides, and although my hair was receding slightly, it wasn’t enough to bother me. As the years went on, the top became more and more thin. I couldn’t use any product without my scalp showing, and whenever I would see a picture of myself, all I could see was that I was balding. I’ve never been a vain person, but I just couldn’t handle the thought of losing my hair before turning 40. Some people can “do bald” well, but I really don’t think I am one of those people.

After deciding that I was going to do something about my hair loss, I started doing research. I looked on Google for hair replacement in Michigan, hair transplant in Michigan, hair replacement in Detroit and hair transplant in Detroit. That was when I stumbled across

I looked through the before and after pictures, and read everything on the website. I found to be a very informative and easy-to-navigate website. I also did a lot of background research on Dr. Aronovitz, and found that he is a very respected member of the medical community. If I was going to do this procedure, it had to be with the absolute best hair replacement hair transplant doctor in the Detroit Michigan area. After exploring other large corporate options and asking a lot of questions, I decided to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Aronovitz.

About 5 minutes into my consultation with Dr. Aronovitz, I knew that he was the right doctor for me. He was very humble, and made me feel comfortable and welcome. He explained all elements of the procedure, and answered every question I had. By the end of the meeting, we had booked a date.

When I came home and had a conversation with my wife, she was a bit skeptical. She was familiar with the really bad hair replacement transplants that looked like doll hair. I explained that the procedure has come a long way, and that Dr. Aronovitz was one of the absolute best in the industry.

When I went in the morning of the procedure, I met the staff and was given medication to help me relax. Next, they injected a local anesthetic to my scalp. The doctor was there the entire time, and didn’t hand over the procedure to his staff like I had heard some of the corporate chains do. I put in some headphones, and took a nice relaxing nap. There was literally no pain. And I know that results vary from patient to patient, but in my case, I felt no pain whatsoever.

When I got home after the procedure, all of my wife’s concerns vanished. I had some minor, nearly invisible scabs on my scalp, and you could even see the incision in the back of my head. Over the following few days, I took some ibuprofen for swelling, and went on about my life. I didn’t even have to wear a hat.

After only 6 months, my hair looks like it did in my 20’s. It’s thick, it’s full, and I realized that this was one of the absolute best decisions I had ever made in my life. Out the door, I believe the procedure was under $10,000, which was based on my number of hair graphs, which is small price to pay to never worry about going bald ever again.

Dr. Aronovitz is an amazing doctor, and even if you don’t live in Detroit or Michigan, you should call and book an appointment right away. My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner.

Raymond K.