Woman with chin implant

Chin Implant vs. Chin Fillers

Getting facial plastic surgery is a big decision. For some candidates, the cost and perceived risks of Chin Implant surgery may lead them to consider ongoing, temporary treatments to address dissatisfaction with their appearance.

While Injectable Fillers are currently a popular treatment, there is another, more permanent procedure: Chin Implant surgery. Let’s compare the benefits of implants vs. fillers so you can decide which option is best for you.

Temporary vs. Permanent Solutions

The most significant difference between Injectable Fillers and Chin Implant surgery is that one is temporary, and the other is permanent. Fillers typically can last up to 1 year and be dissolved at any time by your plastic surgeon if you are unhappy with the results. Chin Implants last a lifetime, and while you can always have your implant removed or replaced with a different one, it is still a surgical procedure, and you will have to take time off to recover and heal.

The other difference is that one procedure is noninvasive, and the other is invasive. Injectable Fillers are a nonsurgical, non-invasive treatment and do not require downtime. Chin Implants are a surgical procedure requiring incisions, stitches, and recovery time.

Woman with chin implant

Chin Implant vs. Chin Fillers: Considerations

Pros of Chin Implant Surgery

  • Chin Implants are a safe and uncomplicated procedure
  • Implants can improve facial symmetry and balance out facial features
  • Implants are a one-time procedure with permanent results
  • Implants are also reversible; they can be removed or replaced
  • Implants can also address many other irregularities, not just shape and proportion
  • Chin Implants look and feel very similar to natural chin-bone
  • Once healed, scars are virtually undetectable
  • Other plastic surgery procedures can be performed at the same time to achieve a wide array of results

Cons of Chin Implant Surgery

  • The procedure requires anesthesia
  • It is not uncommon to experience bruising, swelling, and discomfort immediately post-op
  • Your chin may feel numb for several weeks
  • Once swelling is down, then full result can be seen
  • You will need to take several days off work to recover fully
  • Although it is extremely rare, side effects, such as infections, are still possible
  • Implant surgery comes at a higher up-front cost than Fillers

Pros of Injectable Fillers

  • Noninvasive procedure, no need for surgical incisions
  • Low risk of complications or side-effects
  • Topical anesthesia–no need for local or general anesthesia
  • No recovery or downtime
  • Results are immediately visible
  • Lower up-front investment
  • Easily removed if you are unhappy with the result

Cons of Injectable Fillers

  • Regular treatments are needed to maintain the outcome
  • Costs more over the long-term (re-treatment and maintenance)
  • Limited range of changes that can be made
  • Your provider must have specific skills and experience with facial contouring using Fillers

Which Is Best For You?

Which of these procedures is more appropriate for you will depend on your needs and aesthetic goals. Fillers are an excellent way to test the process and discover what works best for your features. The results are temporary and can even be canceled out by your doctor. The initial cost is lower, and there is no downtime.

If you are ready to make substantial changes to your face that will be permanent (but not irreversible), are willing to invest in the process, and can deal with the recovery time, then a Chin Implant may be the best option. Implants are especially preferable if you are considering additional surgeries to achieve your ideal appearance, such as a neck lift, rhinoplasty, or brow-lift.

Choosing The Right Plastic Surgeon

To achieve the best results, you must find a board-certified plastic surgeon with experience performing Chin Implant surgeries. When you speak to your doctor, be honest about your current state of health and aesthetic goals, and keep your expectations realistic.

Dr. James Aronovitz has over 25 years of experience with Facial and Reconstructive surgeries. He is board-certified and is a member of the American Academy of Facial and Plastic Reconstructive Surgery.

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